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Variable frequency resonant system

Variable frequency resonant system

Variable frequency resonant system for testing of long HV cables and GIL, for testing of short HV cables and GIS/GIL and for testing of long MV cables are designed for the generation of alternating current (AC) high voltage (HV) by resonant circuits with variable frequency, available of outdoor design.

  • Application:

    • On-site testing of XLPE terrestrial and submarine cables according to IEC 60840 and IEC 62067

    • On-site testing of GIS according to IEC 60517 and IEC 62271-203.

    • On-site testing of transformer according to IEC 60076-3

    • Withstand voltage testing

    • Partial discharge measurements

    Main components

    • HV reactors
      Series XZF

      up to 1600 kVup to 250 kV
      up to 10 Aup to 20 A
      frequency 30-300 Hzfrequency 30-300 Hz

    • Control and feeding unit

    • Exciter transformer

    • HV measuring system

    Additional features and accessories

    • Devices for series and/or parallel connection of HV reactors

    • Resonant circuits with fixed frequency 50/60 Hz

    • compensation of capacitance

    • Partial discharge (PD) measuring system including blocking impedance

    • Compressed gas capacitor

    • Capacitance and dissipation factor measuring instrument

    • HV impulse test systems for LI, SI, OLI, OSI

    • Made solution upon customer's request

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