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Standard capacitors

Standard capacitors

  • Application

    Standard capacitor is used in capacitance and tan δ measurement of capacitors, cables, bushings, insulators, etc. It could also be used as high voltage capacitor of electrical bridge, or as coupling capacitor in PD measurement.


    • Strong anti-jamming ability

    • High mechanical strength and good electrical performance

    • Special electrode makes the capacitance stable

    • Universal socket for capacitance measurement

    • Insulated by SF6 which is good at automatic-restoration, operation is reliable and safe

    Technical Specifications

    Rated capacitance pF20~50 (special capacitance on request of the customers)
    Voltage factor≤2X10-5
    Dielectric loss factor≤2X10-5
    Rated voltage UN kV40060080012001600
    Max working voltage kV1.2UN1.1UN
    Rated frequency Hz50
    Partial discharge pCNo PD at UN
    Running time30min at UN
    Annual SF6 leakage≤0.5%

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