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Module construction kit

Module construction kit

Module construction kits are designed for the generation of alternating current (AC), direct current (DC) and impulse high voltage (HV) by construction kit elements, available of indoor design. It is an ideal test system to use when training students in college programs and for applications in research and development. This modular test system is available in a variety of configurations and can be easily expanded at a later date.

  • Parameters
    AC HV: up to 300 kV
    DC HV: up to 400 kV
    Impulse HV: up to 420 kV

    Main components

    • Power unit

    • HV transformer

    • HV resistors, rectifiers, capacitors and spark gaps

    • HV electrodes and construction elements

    • HV measuring system

    • Control system

    Additional features and accessories

    • Partial discharge (PD) measuring system including blocking impedance

    • Capacitance and dissipation factor measuring instrument

    • Made solution upon customer's request

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