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High voltage divider

High voltage divider

High-voltage dividers are used to measure voltages and decouple partial discharges in high-voltage test systems. Depending on the specific type, they are used to measure alternating voltage (AC), direct voltage (DC), lightning impulse voltage (LI), and switching impulse voltage (SI) systems. High-voltage dividers by PowerHV comply with the relevant IEC standards 60060, 61083, and 60052. The systems are available for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • AC capacitor, Series TAWF for AC Measurement upto 2250kV

    • For measuring AC voltage

    • For decoupling PD signals

    • For use as basic load for resonant test systems

    • Components of a high-voltage filter to reduce the PD background noise level

    Resistive voltage divider, Series DZF for DC Measurement upto 2400kV

    Damped capacitive voltage divider, Series RZF

    • For measuring AC and impulse voltage up to 1,500 kV AC and 6,000 kV LI

    • For use as basic load for impulse voltage test systems

    POWERHV can made solution upon customer's request

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