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PowerHV successfully perform onsite Lighting Impulse voltage test on 1100kV GIS
2015/8/24 13:14:31

On site of Nanjing Substation which is part of 1000kV Huainan-Nanjing-Shanghai EHV project, the standard lighting impulse voltage test is successfully accomplished on 1100kV GIS. 3000kV 300kJ SF6-insualted impulse voltage test system is used to carry out the mentioned test. The test system is manufactured by PowerHV company. It is the first time in the world that EHV GIS was tested by standard lighting impulse voltage on site.

This time, the standard lighting impulse voltage test is mainly made on 1100kV GIS already installed as part of first phase project, including bushing, isolating switches, busbars, grounding switches, etc. On request, the operators make 1705kV, 1800kV, 1920kV negative and positive impulse voltage tests, each voltage level several times.

The on-site standard lighting impulse voltage test on GIS could examine the fault in insulation that may be caused during transportation and installation. Thus the quality of GIS is guaranteed, ready to enter the power grid for running. The successful test adds experience about EHV GIS on-site standard lighting impulse voltage test to the world knowledge, enhancing the assessment capability, which guarantees the safe and reliable running of power grid equipment.

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